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Brymen Snap-On Alligator Clips

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Review by John Mar PHSGJFRL 
Posted on 25/01/2022
Very good, silicon material. 100%
Review by Darko Markovic 
Posted on 14/08/2019
Fits perfect in regards to size and isolation to your standard Brymen leads. I guess it fits many others as well. Good quality over all. Simple solution. Fits perfect. Good quality. Cat III 1KV, Cat IV 600V.
Review by Branko Veselic 
Posted on 09/11/2017
Very good and quality made
Review by Herwig Vanhauw 
Posted on 24/10/2017
Nice, silicon and good quality
Review by thierry guillaume 
Posted on 02/10/2017
Did not use them very much but they look very sturdy.