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The Brymen BM039F fork clamp True-RMS multimeter can measure up to 200A and 600V DC and can handle 12 mm diameter cables or measuring points, making it especially suitable in tight working areas, like fuse boxes, etc.

Able to measure AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance, capacitance, temperature and frequency through the fork clamps, it is also sensitive to low and high voltage electrical fields (EF), able to measure between 2V and 600V even when not in contact with any metal or wiring.

This product features the BeepLit Continuity and Diode Tester, giving various beep alerts and backlight effects on forward voltages, shorted diodes, EF field strength, etc, giving the user audible and visible warning and feedback of the various measurements.


Display resolution6000 counts, 3 ⅚ digits
Max. AC voltage600 V
Max. DC voltage600 V
Max.AC current200 A
Max. resistance6000 kΩ
Frequency5 Hz - 999.9 Hz
Temperature-40 °C - 400 °C
Max. capacitance2500 µF
Other functionsAuto-Ranging, BeepLit diode tester, Min/Max record & crest, Peak/display hold, EF detection, Relative zero mode Auto power-off
Power supply2x 1.5V AAA battery
Data logging
DisplayBacklit LCD
Dimensions193 x 57 x 32 mm
Weight158 g


The Brymen039F comes with the following accessories:
  • Test lead set
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • BKP60 banana plug
  • Type-K thermocouple

Pros and cons

  • Compact fork clamp size
  • BeepLit audible and visual feedback
  • AC current measurement only
  • Open fork causes lower accuracy and susceptibility to EM interference