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The BM088 current clamp has good performance for its price. With CAT-III 1000V and CAT-IV 600V rating it's well suited for professional environments. It can measure True-RMS AC-voltage and current, Total Harmonic Distortion, resistance, continuity, power factor and some other values like kWHr and temperature. The clamp is suitable for AC and DC current measurements, as opposed to the BM15X Series which can only measure AC in the clamp. Contrary to the BM089 these devices cannot measure 3-Phase rotation for mains and 3-Phase motors. With a low current mode, up to 60A, most conductors can be measured.


Display 3 ⅚-Digits, 6000 count
Measure frequency 5 measurements per second
Measurement range and best accuracy
AC voltage (Leads)0.1 V - 1000 V± (0.8 % +5)
DC+AC voltage (Leads)0.1 - 1000 V± (1.0 % +7)
DC+AC current (Clamp)0.01 - 1000 A± (1.8 % +5)
Resistance (Leads)0.1 Ω - 60 kΩ± (1.0 % +5)
Capacitance (Leads)0.1 µF - 2500 µF± (2.0 % +4)
Frequency0.01 - 999.9 Hz± (0.5 % +4)
Other features Diode tester, Continuity, Non-Contact EF
Dimensions 258 x 94 x 44 mm (l,w,h)
Weight 392 gram

For more information regarding the scopes the datasheet listed below can be consulted.


All meters in the BM088 series come bundled with:

  • Test leads
  • Batteries
  • User manual
  • Carrying pouch


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