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The BM089 clamp meter is the best device in the 08x series. With the CAT-III 1000V and CAT-IV 600V certificates or pocket this clamp is very suitable for professional environments.
The meter can measure True-RMS DC/AC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, 3-phase rotation and continuity. Furthermore, the BM089 has Peak-RMS, Crest and EF detection functions. The clamp, unlike clamps in other series, is suitable for both AC and DC measurements. With a low current mode (up to 60A) most conductors can also be measured.
The meter also has a backlit display making it easy to use in poorly lit areas.

If you do not need to measure 3-phase rotation or temperature, you can also look at the BM088. The BM088 has the same specifications as the BM089, but does not have the additional 3-phase rotation and temperature functions. The BM088 can be found here: Brymen BM088 current clamp .


Display 3 ⅚-Digits, 6000 count
Measure frequency 5 measurements per second
Measurement range and best accuracy
AC voltage (Leads)0.1 V - 1000 V± (0.8 % +5)
DC+AC voltage (Leads)0.1 - 1000 V± (1.0 % +7)
DC+AC Current (Clamp)0.01 - 1000 A± (1.8 % +5)
Resistance (Leads)0.1 Ω - 60 kΩ± (1.0 % +5)
Capacitance (Leads)0.1 µF - 2500 µF± (2.0 % +4)
Frequency0.01 - 999.9 Hz± (0.5 % +4)
Temperature-40℃ - 400℃± (1 % +1)
Other features Diode tester, Continuity, Non-Contact EF
Dimensions 258 x 94 x 44 mm (l,w,h)
Weight 392 gram

For more information regarding the scopes the datasheet listed below can be consulted.


All meters in the BM089 series come bundled with:

  • Test leads
  • BKP60 K-type thermocouple
  • Alligator clip set
  • Batteries
  • User manual
  • Carrying pouch


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