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The Brymen BM257s is a budget multimeter with a couple of excellent characteristics. This True RMS digital multimeter offers some functionalities that are only to be found on the more expensive alternatives of Fluke, for example. The BM257s has, for example, a Lo-Z mode that makes it possible to prevent ghost voltages at particular measurements.

With the 6000-count display of this multimeter, you can measure DC voltages with a 0.2% accuracy. The meter also has a Crest functionality, which makes it possible to automatically display the peak value, to retain values with the Hold functionality and to set the range automatically. The display offers back light and because of this, values can always be read easily. The display updates every 5 seconds with a new measurement. In addition, the display has an analogue bar graph that updates 40 times per second and thus indicates clearly how the measured values are in ratio of time.

The BM257s also has UL safety certification and CAT-II insulation of 1000 V. The building quality of this multimeter is very high; the fuses in the meter are of a very high quality and can be replaced easily if necessary.

The meter also offers some additional useful functionalities such as the detection that is built in to offer protection against the incorrect connection of the test leads and the meter can also be used to detect live wires thanks to the Non-Contact Voltage detection. The K-type thermocouple that comes with the multimeter, can easily measure temperatures.


Digits / Counts

3 5⁄6 digits / 6000 counts

Measuring range and accuracy

Max. DC voltage

1000 V (±0.2% + 3)

Max. AC voltage

1000 V (±1.0% + 5)

Max. DC current

8 A (±0.5% + 3)

Max. AC current

8 A (±1.0% + 3)

Max. resistance

60 MΩ (±0.5% + 4)

Max. capacitance

3000 mF (±1.5% + 5)


5.0 Hz ~ 1 MHz (±0.03% + 3)


-50 °C ~ 1000 °C (±0.1% + 3)

When measuring currents, values up to 15 A can be measured for max 30 seconds. Afterwards the meter needs to cool for 5 minutes.

Overload protection

1,000 Volt

Automatic standby



161 x 80 x 50 mm


340 g


This multimeter comes with:

  • 2x Test leads
  • User manual (in English)
  • K-type thermocouple

Pros and cons

  • Good value for money
  • All useful measurements are available
  • High precision
  • 'Only' 6000 Counts


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Review by Mihai Velea 
Posted on 15/07/2023
It has a ton of features. It's small. Powered by 2 AAA bateries. Very good value for the money. Premium fuses. There are a lot of reviews on the internet for this multimeter. It's perfect for work in hard conditions. Very rugged.
Review by Charlie1776  
Posted on 19/03/2023
I lost my old Fluke 116 meter a few years ago. Being strapped for cash, I looked for a cheaper alternative that would meet the same specs. I found this meter and it exceed my expectations. Not only did it match the specs, it had more features like the noncontact detection. After using this meter for the past four years, the only complaint I have is the backlight. The 30 seconds limit is annoyingly short. I would rater it be just be able to turn it on and it stay on until I turn it off.
Review by Robert A. 
Posted on 19/11/2019
I was surprised by the small size of multimeter. BM257s fulfills my needs and expectations perfectly.
Review by Marek Mošať 
Posted on 09/10/2017
very nice customer service, short shiping time, i got exactly what i ordered and what i was hopeing for... im very satisfied. Thank you