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The Brymen BM525s is Brymen's answer to the demand for a high quality industrial multimeter. The BM525s is packed with features in a compact package, making it suitable for use in almost any situation. Thanks to the backlit LCD display, the meter is also suitable for use in poorly lit environments. In addition, the BM525s comes with a large 87,000 point Mobile Logger™ and recall function, with which the measured values can be stored and later retrieved on the screen, without the help of a computer. There is also a choice of 16 different sample intervals from 50 ms to 600 s. This makes the meter ideal for carrying out analyses on complex systems.
The multimeter's measurement possibilities are extensive, for example it can measure DC and True RMS AC & (AC + DC) voltage and current, but also resistance (and conductivity), capacity, continuity, logic level frequency & duty cycle, line level frequency and dual temperature. All measured values can be read accurately on the dual display with 9999 and 6000 counts. This enables the meter to perform 2 different measurement functions at the same time.
The BM525s also features Ghost Voltage Burster™, excellent AutoCheck™ and Record functions. A nice feature of the meter is that it also has a CREST function with which signals from 1ms can be measured.
The accuracy of the meter is also very good with a DCV accuracy of ±(0.08% + 2).

This multimeter can be used with an optional PC USB connection kit! Click here!

This multimeter is delivered without carrying bag. A bag that fits perfectly can be bought here.


Display Dual display, 9999 and 6000 counts
Measuring frequency 5 measurements per second
Voltage range 1000 V
Current range 10 A
Other features Diode tester, Continuity DataHold, Duty cycle, Mobile Logger™
Interfaces USB
Dimensions 208 x 103 x 64.5 mm
Weight 635 gram


This meter is supplied including:

  • 1x BKP60 type-K thermocouple
  • Test leads
  • User manual
  • Batteries (already installed)

Optionally you can order the PC software kit to analyze the measured values on a PC. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

Pros and cons

  • Mobile Logger™
  • Dual display
  • High accuracy


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