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The Brymen BM859s is a True-RMS digital multimeter with features such as dBm, high resolution mode, MAX-MIN, Crest and more. On the 500.000 count display of this multimeter it is possible to display extremely accurate measurements, such as DC voltage. The meter has a Crest function, which automatically displays the peak value. The display has a backlight and is therefore always easy to read. The display is updated 5 times per second with a new measurement. Furthermore, the display has an 'analogue' bar-graph that updates 60 times per second and thus clearly indicates how the measured values relate to time. The multimeter has 3 display options. The display can show 999.999 counts for frequency, 500.000 for DCV and 50.000 for other measurements. The 500.000 mode has a lower update rate of 1.25 updates per second. The 50,000 count mode is updated an average of 5 times per second. The difference with the BM857s is that the BM859s has a more accurate DCV accuracy of 0.02% and can handle more bandwidth.

This multimeter can be used with an optional PC USB connection kit! Click here!


Display 50.000 Counts
500.000 Counts (DCV)
999.999 Counts (Hz)
Measurement frequency 5 measurements per second
1.25 measurements per second (500.000 counts mode)
Measurement range
Max. DC voltage range 1000V
Max. AC & AC+DC voltage range 1000V
Max. AC & AC+DC current range 10A
Max. DC current range 10A
Max. Resistance range 50MΩ
Temperature range -50°C - 1000°C
Max. Capacity range 10 mF
Frequency range 100 µ Hz - 2 MHz
Other features Diode tester, Continuity, Crest 0.8 ms, dBm, %4-20mA loop current, 50/60Hz filter, DataHold, REC (MAX, MIN, MAX&MIN & AVG), T1 - T2 differential temperature readings
Dimensions 186 x 87 x 35.5 mm
Weight 390 gram


This meter is supplied including:

  • 1x BKP60 type-K thermocouple
  • Test leads
  • User manual
  • Holster
  • Batteries (already installed)

Pros and cons

  • High DCV accuracy of 0.02%
  • 50/60 Hz filter


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