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The Brymen BM867s is a multimeter with good specifications that can compete with more expensive meters in terms of display, possibilities and precision. The meter can measure with a precision up to 1.5 µV DC.

On the 500.000 count display, which is updated 5 times every second, various measurements can be read very precisely. AC/DC voltages, currents and a number of other measurements such as resistors, conduction, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle and more.

The BM867s is fused for use up to 1000 V, and can also measure up to this value. With the 500.000 count display, the meter can even measure 2 decimals on the 1000 V accuracy. Furthermore, the meter offers various data analysis tools such as Crest, MIN-MAX, Hold and Average. With Crest it is possible to automatically measure and display the min-max in a very short period of time.

Some special measuring properties of the multimeter are, for example, the lightning-fast capacity measurement, where up to 25 mF can be measured in a few seconds. In addition, the meter has standard support for the analog 4-20 mA measurement result which is used in some systems.

This multimeter can use a PC USB connection kit! Click here!


Digits / Counts 4 4⁄5 Digits / 50,000 Counts
5 4⁄5 Digits / 500,000 Counts (low speed)
Measuring range and precision
DC Voltage0.01 mV - 1000 V (±0.03%+2)
AC Voltage0.01 mV - 1000 V (±2%+60) (up to 5 kHz)
DC Current0.01 µA - 10 A (±0.5%+20)
AC Current0.01 µA - 10 A (±1%+40) (up to 1 kHz)
Max. resistance50 MΩ (±0.1%+6)
Max. capacitance25 mF (±1.5%+3)
Frequency0.001 Hz ~ 1 MHz (±0.002%+4)
For current measurements, up to 20 A can be measured for less than 30 seconds. After that, the meter must cool down for 5 minutes.
Other measurements Duty Cycle, Diode tester, Conductivity, Continuity, dBm
Overload protection 1000 Volt
Automatic standby
Dimensions 208 x 103 x 64.5 mm
Weight 635 g


The Brymen BM867s comes with:

  • 2x Measure leads
  • User's Manual (English)
  • Batteries


There are some optional accessories available for the BM867s multimeter. An overview is given in the table below. Clicking on the options will take you to the page where you can add these options to your cart.

2x crocodile clips incl. VAT
Bag incl. VAT
2x silicone test leads incl. VAT

Pros and cons

  • No temperature measurement


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Review by Herwig Vanhauw 
Posted on 24/10/2017
Clear display, strong silicon protection and robust multimeter.Good choice regarding price versus quality.
Review by thierry guillaume 
Posted on 02/10/2017
This multimeter is well built, the access to fuses and the size of the fuses is very nice and practical.
The display has excellent readability and back light is perfect.
The continuity test is the fastest I have seen.