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The Brymen BM885 is a combination of a True-RMS digital multimeter and an insulation tester. This makes the BM885 suitable for various applications such as troubleshooting or preventive maintenance. The BM885 is the slightly less extended version of the Brymen BM887. The BM887 has a higher ACV bandwidth of up to 20 kHz and is able to measure capacity and temperature.

On the 6.000 count display of this multimeter it is possible to accurately display AC and DC voltages. The meter can test up to one kilovolt of resistance. The meter has a dual-display function where two different measured values can be displayed at the same time.

The meter also has a number of other useful functions, such as built-in detection that protects against incorrect connection of the test leads and the meter can automatically set its range. Furthermore, the meter is equipped with a diode test function and a 61-segment bar graph that is updated 60 times per second, to show quick changes in the measured values.


Digits / Counts 3 5⁄6 Digits / 6.000 Counts
Measurement range
DC voltage 10 µV - 1000 V
AC voltage 10 µV - 1000 V
DC current 100 nA - 10 A
AC current 100 nA - 10 A
Insulation resistance
Test voltageRange
50 V1 kΩ ~ 55.0 MΩ
100 V1 kΩ ~ 110.0 MΩ
250 V1 kΩ ~ 275.0 MΩ
500 V1 kΩ ~ 550.0 MΩ
1000 V1 kΩ ~ 25.0 GΩ
Resistance 10 mΩ ~ 60 MΩ
Frequency 6 Hz ~ 100 kHz (±0.02%+4)
With current measurements up to 10 A can be measured for less than 15 minutes. The meter should then be cooled for 5 minutes. Also note that the measurement precision depends on internal temperature, when measuring above 3A the meter should be able to cool down to achieve this precision.
Power supply 4x AA
Automatic stand-by
Dimensions 208 x 103 x 64.5 mm
Weight 635 gram


This multimeter is supplied including:

  • Test probes
  • Remote-probe
  • Alligator clips
  • Holster
  • User manual

Pros and cons

  • 5kV ACV bandwidth
  • High DCV accuracy


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