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The BT-73EU voltage tester is an easy to use tool to do battery-less voltage detection. However, it features a diverse set of battery powered functions. With CAT III and CAT IV safety it can be plugged into a socket without any worries. The display can be used to accurately measure voltage. The device will power off automatically to extend battery life. The BT-73EU can detect 3-Phase rotation and give bar graph feedback on electric field strengths. With a built in leakage resistor the device can be used as a RCD.


Display 2000 count
Measure frequency 5 measurements per second
Measurement range and best accuracy
DC voltage0 - 1000 V± (1.5 % +3)
AC voltage0 - 1000 V± (2.5 % +4)
Other features AC-detection shaker, Continuity, RCD, (Non-)Contact EF
Dimensions 278 x 57 x 40 mm (l,w,h)
Weight 235 gram

For more information regarding the scopes the datasheet or the manual listed below can be consulted.


All testers in the BT-70EU series come bundled with:

  • Test leads
  • Batteries
  • User manual


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