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The Brymen BT-75EU voltage tester comes from the BT-7XEU series and is the model with the most functionalities of the series. The voltage testers are easy to use tools to perform batteryless voltage detection. However, they also feature a variety of battery-powered functions. With CAT III and CAT IV security, these meters can be connected to a power outlet without any worries.
The BT-71EU only has an indication LED that indicates what is being measured. The BT-73EU and BT-75EU have a display showing numerically the measured voltage, resistance or capacitance. The meters are automatically switched off to extend battery life. The BT-73EU and BT-75EU also have more features than the BT-71EU. For example, they can detect three-phase rotation and bar chart feedback of electrical field strengths. They can also be used as an RCD due to a built-in leakage resistance.


The models in this series differ from each other due to the presence/absence of certain functions, which can be seen in the table below.

Display backlight & flashlight
True-RMS ACV on numeric display
AC detection shaker
RCD leakage load for disconnecting circuit breakers
RST phase sequence/rotation indication
Capacity measurement function
Resistance measurement function
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Measuring frequency 5 measurements per second
Measurement range and best accuracy
Max. DC voltage1000 V± (1.5 % +3)
Max. AC voltage1000 V± (2.5 % +4)
Max. resistance (only BT-75EU)1000 kΩ± (2.5 % +5)
Max. capacitance (only BT-75EU)1999 µF± (2.5 % +5)
Dimensions 278 x 57 x 40 mm (l,w,h)
Weight 235 grams

For more information, please refer to the datasheet at the bottom of this page.


All meters in the BT-7xEU series are supplied including:

  • Test wires
  • Batteries
  • Manual


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