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The Brymen BM785 multimeter is a new series of multimeters in the Brymen line-up. It is perfect for customers who want a good functioning and robust multimeter. It comes with a True-RMS function, which can help with measuring non-sinusoidal signals correctly. And with a CATIII 1000V and a CATIV 600V rating, it is very durable. Not only is it possible to measure the common DC and AC voltage/current signals but is also suited for frequency, capacitance, resistance, and duty cycles measurements. On top of that, the Brymen is also capable of measuring AC+DC signals, diodes, and preform NCV tests. It has overload protection as well.

This multimeter also has a variant with more functions. Namely, the Brymen BM789 multimeter. The BM789 also provides a dBm measurement, low impedance mode, DC Loop Current 4 - 20 mA verification, and a temperature measurement.


Range and accuracies
SpecificationsRangeBest achievable accuracy
Max. DC voltage (V)1000 V ±(0.03% + 2 digits)
Max. AC voltage (V) true-RMS1000 V 50 Hz - 100 KHz ±(0.5% + 30 digits)
Max. VFD AC voltage (V)1000 V10 Hz - 200 Hz ±(4% + 50 digits)
200 Hz - 440 Hz ±(10% + 50 digits)
Max. DC current (A)10 A
±(0.075% + 20 digits)
Max. AC current (A) true-RMS10 A ±(0.9% + 20 digits)
±(1% + 30 digits)
Max. Resistance (Ω)60 MΩ ±(0.085% + 4 digits)
Max. Capacitance (F)10 mF±(1% + 2 digits)
Frequency range5 Hz - 1 MHz ±(0.002% + 4 digits)
Measurement category1 KV CAT III
600 V CAT IV
Input impedance 10 MΩ, 75 pF
Continuity check between 100 Ω and 420 Ω
Display (update rate)LCD display, 4 - 5/6 digits (max. 5 per second), 31 Segment Bar-graph (max. 50 per second), auto-ranging
Counts60 000 counts
Power3 x 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Special featuresAutoHold; VFD; BeepLitTM Continuity; Record MAX, MIN, & AVG readings; Crest (Instantaneous Peak hold) MAX & MIN readings; Relative Zero mode; Data Hold; BeepJack™ audible & visible input warning, Automatic polarity, Diode test, NCV
Dimensions193 x 89 x 51 mm
Weight635 g


The Brymen BM785 multimeter comes with:

  • 1 x Test lead

Pros and cons

  • VFD measurements
  • NCV function


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