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Product number: ELE003175


Screw-on gold-plated banana plug ment for use with the Brymen BL21S2-T4SC silicone test leads. This screw-on adapter features a 2mm internal thread.

Please note that when the T4S is screwed to the cable, the pin will protrude a few millimeters, because of this it will not fit on every banana connector.

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Review by bobby 
Posted on 05/02/2023
They are a great idea.
I use them for continuity testing, as they make it easy to connect to a long wire.

Some times however, they do not fit where the probe needs to go, and they have to come off.
This is where they get lost.

I wish there was some convenient way to store them in the multimeter itself.
perhaps a probe with some sort of latch mechanism. it would be great if you could just push the probe into the multimeter to click it on, and push it in again to get it off, retaining it inside the meter.