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Review by Finn Krassoi 
Posted on 22/01/2024
My perfect multimeter. It’s lovely to use in every way. The leads are beautiful, continuity is incredibly fast and responsive, and the high resolution in a portable format has been a game changer for taking precise measurements on the fly. Truly a piece of art!
Review by Joachim T 
Posted on 05/11/2021
I bought this multimeter for "whatever comes across my desk" at work. I started out by looking at a famous yellow supplier of multimeters, but the performance to price ratio was better on the BM789 so I ended up buying the Brymen.
The product itself feels solid and has a nice size (it does not feel as chunky as the BM8XX series which I also have experience with. The weirdly oversized "head" on the BM8XX is gone so a big thumbs up for that).
The functionality is great, and the multimeter is intuitive to use, once you have spent some time pressing the buttons and seen how to get into different measurement modes.

If I should mention anything negative, then I would have preferred that the multimeter used 9V batteries and that it supported datalogging over IR as this is something we use on other multimeters at work.

But in general, I am really satisfied and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a multipurpose meter.