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Review by ggbuster 
Posted on 12/10/2023
If you are looking for a precise, feature-rich, robust and reliable instrument, the Brymen BM869s is the best multimeter I have tried so far, with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. In DC measurements at 500,000 counts it is impressive. I also appreciated the VFD/Hz measurements and the many other features. Amazing! . Only in the diode measurements I would have liked a greater range (idea for the future?). It certainly is a real beauty. Truly recommended.
Review by Marco Corbetta 
Posted on 27/12/2022
The multimeter is arrived in few days. I appreciated the precision and accuracy.
Review by Vincenzo Falce 
Posted on 29/11/2022
Multimetro completo con straordinaria precisione, accuratezza e risoluzione. Pienamente soddisfatto dell'acquisto.
Review by jicquel bruno 
Posted on 11/10/2022
ok je suis très satisfait du contoleur brymen BM 869S très bon rapport qualité prix
Review by Guy Munster 
Posted on 31/01/2022
The BM869s is a great meter, with a big, easy to read display and high accuracy. It's packed with features, a very reactive continuity tester which is so important in every day's work and a nice dual temperature tester (but only one included probe). However it's a big beast, not the type you want to carry around all day in a pocket. It's ideal for workbench use. I'm entirely satisfied with this purchase.
Review by John Mar PHSGJFRL 
Posted on 25/01/2022
Very good DMM.. I received silicon leads.. Thanks
Review by Rudi Wuyts 
Posted on 30/07/2018
The Brymen BM869s is a very sturdy apparatus with an amazing accuracy.Very good material for its price.
The temperature probe that came with it was also quite accurate.
Review by Marc 
Posted on 15/05/2018
Robustness and quality are first impressions. The accuracy was there. After comparing some results with 6 1/2 digit multimeter, no doubt about the accuracy. The range of the capacitance function is really wide. The continuity function reacts very quickly and the ammeter is very accurate for this type of product. The AC voltmeter function works till 100Khz wathever the shape of the signal.
The 50000 digit function is working only for DC voltage.
The value for money is really attractive. This is a very good product.
Review by Jesus L.P. 
Posted on 12/04/2018
In use for just a week but it seem to be what i want.
Review by Ed 
Posted on 20/03/2018
Quick and accurate. The range switch is a little small but I have now got used to it.